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NMutlu - June 03, 2011
Bosphorus is not a river : ))

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I'd like to guide you through the top 5 attractions of Istanbul. Bosphorus river - Take a cruise on Bosphorus river. See many amazing sights. A great way to see the city in action. Topkapi Palace - Sultans lived here for nearly 400 years. Consists of hundreds of rooms - adorned with a large number of artifacts. Hagia Sophia - A famous Istanbul landmark. Initially a church and then turned into a mosque. It exhibits remarkably diverse architecture. Grand Bazar - one of the world's oldest landmarks. Millions have visited this grand bazaar. Blue Mosque - Named due to thousands of blue tiles and one of the few mosques to have 6 minarets. An iconic feature of Istanbul.

Istanbul Top 5 Travel Attractions

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